Wartime memories of ‘hedgehoppers’ wanted

AN AUTHOR has called on people with specific memories of the second world war to get in touch.

Stella Rutter, from Emsworth, said she was collecting ‘stories about extraordinary events’ that occurred between September, 1939, and September 15, 1941.

She said: “Only people living along the south coast shoreline and about five miles inland, between Portsmouth and Bognor Regis, would have experienced these incidents, which involved German Junkers 88 planes appearing unexpectedly and flying at low level over the coastal area.

“They were on reconnaissance work and would shoot at any movement on the ground as they carried out their missions.”

She said the planes were known as ‘hedgehoppers’, adding as no sirens warned people, no-one further inland than five miles ever knew of these incidents.

She asked anyone remembering such an incident, or who knew of someone who had seen such an event, to get in touch.

Call 01243 372746, or write to 31 Furlonge House, Emsworth House Close, Emsworth, Hants, PO10 7JR.