Warning to businesses

TWO business premises in Bognor Regis town centre were targeted by thieves within days of each other.

On May 1 officers were told there had been an attempt to break into a London Road business.

The property’s rear door was jimmied which broke the lower lock, however, no entry to the building was made.

It is thought the incident occurred between 5.30pm the evening before and 9am on the morning it was reported.

Two days later, police received a call telling them another premises on the same road had been broken into.

Using the cover of darkness the suspect forced open a premise’s fire door. The alarm activated and again nothing was taken.

Businesses are reminded to make sure they remove all cash and valuables from premises overnight and take care to insure all windows and doors are properly secured.

Posters highlighting that no cash is kept in premises overnight are also available.

Anyone who has any information on break-ins should call 101.