Warning from Sussex Police for drivers


SUSSEX Police has warned drivers to stay vigilant, despite the worst of the weekend storms appearing to have abated.

Weather forecasters are still predicting heavy rain and prolonged showers.

Superintendent Rex Matthews said: “While we are aware that not everyone has escaped the effects of the weather this weekend, particularly in areas prone to flooding, there has not been major damage or disruption in the county.

“However, with many people heading back to work on Monday (January 6) for the first time this year, it is important to remember that road conditions are still likely to be hazardous and all road users - drivers, cyclists and pedestrians - must remain alert to the dangers.

“There are already areas of lying water and these are likely to increase during the forecast rain at the beginning of the week.

“It may only be shallow water, but hit it at even moderate speed and you can lose control of your vehicle. If you are unsure how deep an area of flooded road is, don’t try and drive through it, even if you believe your vehicle is capable. There can be hidden holes and sometimes a nearby watercourse with a current that can sweep you off the road.

“When you do drive through water, dry your brakes off immediately by applying them a few times after you are through - remaining aware of others behind you, of course.

“The stronger winds have eased, but falling trees are still a potential hazard as the ground around them has softened.

“Just be aware that around the next corner there could be a variety of hazards caused by the weather and don’t assume that it’s all clear.

“You can keep up-to-date with road conditions through the local radio stations and various websites. Drive, cycle or walk carefully and arrive safely - even if it means your journey takes a little longer.

“Finally, I should like to say a big thank you, not only to our colleagues in other services and agencies who have been working to keeping Sussex safe this weekend, but also to the many volunteers who have been assisting or ready to help by providing 4x4 transport, opening rest centres or simply by looking out for their neighbours in communities across the county.”