Warning by Felpham councillor about phone scam

SCAMMERS targeted Felpham’s county councillor in a bid to empty his bank account.

Graham Jones came within a few seconds of giving out his personal financial information before he realised he was being conned.

He is backing national scams awareness month to enable people to fight back against the con artists.

Elmer resident Cllr Jones said this week (May 16) he was phoned by an alleged female police officer from Paddington Green police station in London. She informed him an arrested person had his cloned back card on him.

He said: “I was urged to contact my bank immediately. The lady was insistent and extremely pushy.”

He began to provide his bank details but stopped short of supplying the security code.

“I felt that was odd,” he said. “Her abruptness had hit a nerce and the penny dropped when she rang a second time demanding my details.”

Cllr Jones checked his account balance was intact before he contacted Sussex Police. They confirmed a person in Barnham had reported a similar scam a few hours earlier.

He urged residents to learn from his experience. “There are a lot of vulnerable people out there who may not be savvy enough and would take such a request at face value,” he said. “That is my main concern.

“I would urge caution as this can happen to anyone.”