Warning about parking proposals

Terry Clarke with the original notice about the proposed parking changes SUS-150417-152654001
Terry Clarke with the original notice about the proposed parking changes SUS-150417-152654001

GARAGE owner Terry Clarke fears proposed parking changes will damage his business.

Mr Clarke jointly owns a garage in Bognor Regis in the centre of an area in which more residents’ parking is planned.

West Sussex County Council wants to increase the number of spaces for homeowners to use, as reported.

But the result will be that room for only about nine cars will be left on the kerbsides along Spencer Street if the amendments go ahead.

Mr Clarke said: “Residents will even be able to park in those spaces if they want to for as long as they want. So, there could be no spaces left for anyone else at all.

“A lot of people park here and walk into the town centre. All the businesses around here are going to lose that foot traffic if that happens.

“I think the whole idea is to drive businesses away from this area and put everything out of town.

“People will drive down here, find there is nowhere to park and just drive off to somewhere like Tesco. They won’t wait around. The two-hour free car parks direct people into the main town centre and not around here.”

Mr Clarke’s late father founded the Spencer Street Garage in 1979 when the road was lined with business premises. There are just two garages left.

The current parking restrictions were brought in by the county council within the town centre controlled parking zone in which residents buy permits for themselves and their visitors. The council wants to change the existing arrangements in Spencer Street and 12 other roads.

If the changes go ahead, a two hour 30 car bay in Spencer Street which anyone can use will go. Two small bays will be left for general parking in adjoining Henry Street, said Mr Clarke.

“Everyone I have spoken to is against these changes but no-one knew about them until I mentioned them.” he said.

“I hope everyone who objects writes to the county council so it knows how everyone feels.”

Gibson Way resident Ann Bobby said: “I’m totally against this and so is everyone else I know. I feel sorry for the people trying to run their businesses here.”