Vote stops pre-school in Felpham from expanding

NO MORE children can be looked after at a Felpham pre-school.

A plan to expand Little Toads from 16 to 24 children and extend its hours was rejected by councillors.

They said the extra youngsters and opening times would be unneighbourly

One of the neighbours of the business on South Drive had told them the expansion would be a further intrusion into their lives.

Kim Geall said: “This is something that will further adversely affect our lives. We have to stay inside with the windows closed to avoid the noise.”

Little Toads’ operator, Christina Riseborough, asked Arun District Council to be allowed to open for an extra two-and-a-half hours on term time weekdays from 9.15am to 12.45pm.

In 2003, the business was allowed to stay open from 9.15am until midday for 12 children. This was extended to 12.15pm two years later with four extra children.

Arun received 12 letters of objection to the scheme, along with an objection from Felpham Parish Council and ten letters of support.

Planning officer Simon Davis told Arun District Council’s development control committee last Wednesday the latest proposal was acceptable.

Use of the garden by the children would be limited to 40 minute periods in the mornings and afternoons.

But Cllr Elaine Stainton (C, Felpham W) said: “This is a step too far. This is not a suitable location.”

Committee vice-chairman Cllr Dawn Hall (C, Pagham and Rose Green) said: “The increase from 16 to 24 children is too much.

“We all like to hear children enjoying themselves but to have that twice a day for five days a week is going to adversely affect the residents.”