VOTE: Should a haulage depot at Barnham have been given the go-ahead despite residents’ objections?

Complaints by residents about a Barnham road’s use for a haulage depot have been rejected by a government inspector.

Planning inspector David Saul has allowed an appeal by Southern Glasshouse Produce to remove two restrictions on a building at its Lake Lane Nursery site.

His decision means those who live in the country lane have to face the prospect of 100 daily HGV movements from the distribution centre run by Stuart Lyons Haulage.

This is on top of the heavy transport from the nursery of about 25 movements a day in the growing season.

This can mean as many as 20 per hour at peak times including Sundays and even lorries throughout the night.

Michael Simmonds, who lives in Lake Lane, vowed the campaigners would continue their fight against the lorries.

He said: “The campaign to put a stop to this ridiculous situation will go on. There have been a very large number of objections to a re-application to the Traffic Commissioner by SLH Ltd for an operating licence to keep 24 articulated HGVs at this nursery site. This will be fought tooth and nail and we believe it should not be allowed. The supermarkets should be alerted to take some of the responsibility.

“Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, B & Q, Interflora and Tesco are all cited in the planning statement.”

The biggest fear of residents is a serious accident occurring because the lane – including its level crossing – is being used by heavy lorries.

But Mr Saul said the fact the conditions placed on the building’s use were neither reasonable, necessary or enforceable, outweighed the residents’ concerns.