VOTE: Nightmare Bognor Regis neighbours may face swifter crackdown

A NEW policy aims to speed up action against nightmare neighbours across the Bognor Regis area.

Members of Arun District Council’s overview select committee commented on the draft Housing and Anti-Social Behaviour Policy on Tuesday.

Arun’s head of housing management Frank Hickson told councillors the document would be used as a framework to help the authority’s housing department tackle anti-social behaviour.

He said: “Our current policy was adopted back in 2004 and it needs to be updated to reflect changes to legislation.

“The document you have before you has been drafted to reflect the council’s previous priorities and current ones. It aims to improve how anti-social behaviour is tackled on our estates and allow us to respond to any incidents in a speedy and consistent way.”

The document sets out legal powers available to the council when dealing with anti-social behaviour and the support services available.

Cllr Roger Nash said: “Clearly we don’t need telling that anti-social behaviour is an issue that seriously effects some of our residents.

“If you are in receipt of any anti-social behaviour it can be extremely upsetting and can make a person’s life extremely difficult.

“I think we have to reassure the residents of Arun that we take this issue seriously and we have to reach those affected, and that is down to the hard work of the housing team.”

Committee chairman Terence Chapman said the review period for policies such as this was too long.

“I think all the committee agree this is a very good policy we all support and the comments we have made are constructive.

“However I do think and this is not just with regards to this policy, that a review period of five years is an awfully long time in the world we now live in.”

Committee member Barbara Oakley agreed, saying if a significant change in legislation was made, policies should be reviewed.

This was agreed and put forward as a recommendation for September’s cabinet meeting where the draft policy will next be discussed.

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