VOTE - Does Bognor need another fish and chip outlet?

A COMPLAINT by a seafront fish-and-chip shop owner in Bognor Regis failed to stop a rival business being approved.

Yusuf Vural told Arun District Council the new shop had hit his takings by up to 80 per cent.

“I am the owner of the fish and chip (shop) just opposite along with a couple more fish and chip shops who will be affected very much if the application goes through,” he wrote to the council.

“The shop on the pier has been trading for the past six to seven months affecting my trading by 45 per cent during the day.

“Lately, they have been trading through the night till early morning, around 4am, which has affected us around 70-75 per cent.”

He said the loss of business had forced him to lay off three members of staff.

But the council’s development control committee last Wednesday unanimously passed the application for a change of use of the unit at the front of the pier from 
an ice-cream parlour, without any comment.

Council planning officer Daniel Vick said the pier was outside the town’s official retail area where selling fish and chips would normally be allowed.

“But the pier of a seaside town is where you would expect to find them,” he stated.

Restricting competition was not the purpose of planning policy.

The historic buildings adviser is satisfied that the scale, detailing and features of the listed pier is such that the addition of the flue will have relatively minor impact on its amenity and appreciation.

“The impact on the special architectural and historical character of the Grade II listed building is, therefore, considered to be limited,” said Mr Vick.

The committee also approved without comment the listed building consent to authorise the installation of a flue to extract hot air from cooking.

One objection was received about the look of the flue.

Mr Vick said the historic buildings adviser had no objections. But it was recommended the pipe be painted to match the pier.

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