VOTE: Do potholes pose a real danger in Bognor?

Potholed roads around Bognor Regis have been condemned as a danger.

The worst of the gaps in the surfaces were likened this week to providing a rollercoaster ride for motorists and cyclists.

The busy stretch of the High Street between Clarence Road and Gloucester Road is a contender for the worst surface.

It has 28 potholes and deep cracks along just 250m.

But West Meads Drive, with 24 repairs to be carried out, and the section of Linden Road closest to the railway station, with eight repairs needed in a few hundred metres, run it close.

Repairs to the High Street are still up to six weeks away. No date has yet been set for West Meads Drive to be tackled, though Linden Road should be repaired next week.

Councillors and cyclists alike said they had waited too long for action from the county council. They wanted more action to tackle the holes in roads which have been left off the immediate schedule.

* See the full story in the May 24 issue of the Bognor Observer.