VOTE: Call for 20mph speed limit throughout Felpham

MOTORISTS should be restricted to 20mph throughout Felpham, councillors have said.

Parish council members want to see the lower limit introduced on all roads in the village except for the current A259.

The demand is among the traffic measures they want funded by a £1m payment from the developers of the 700 homes on site six.

They have sent their comments about the initial road traffic mitigation measures proposed by county highways officials back to the officers to consider before they are issued for public consultation.

The reduced speed limit was their top priority.

Graham Matthews, chairman of the council’s site six committee, said: “The only road we are saying should not be 20mph is the A259.

“This should encourage people coming from the new estate or from Flansham to use it because they know the speed limit will be higher than on other roads.”

Cllr Geoff Farrell said motorists had to be deterred from using residential roads in areas like the Roundle Estate as rat runs.

“Those roads were built in 1931 and are completely unsuitable for a large amount of traffic,” he said.

“The A259 is called the main road because that’s what it’s supposed to do – take the traffic from one place to another.”

It is not known when funding will come from housing developers.

Other proposals accepted by the councillors in descending order of priority were:

* Downview Rd/Felpham Rd junction – central islands backed and a gateway feature on Felpham Road supported;

* Upper Bognor Rd – gateway feature where Kingsmead joins road about 200m from Butlins and possible pinchpoint to reduce traffic speed;

* Snook’s Corner – pedestrian refuge;

* Firs Ave/Summerley Lane/Felpham Way junction – mini roundabout at Summerley supported among other measures;

* Flansham Park – mini-roundabout at entrance supported;

* Felpham Way/Arun Leisure Centre roundabout – planned toucan crossing and further investigation of traffifc flows;

* Felpham Rd/Vicarage Lane – mini-roundabout supported;

* Felpham Rd/Middleton Rd junction – eastern pedestrian island to be extended towards Andrew Avenue. Electronic bus signs to be considered;

* Comet Corner – improvement work supported.