VOTE: BNP candidate: Let me deliver for good of town

Is this the most controversial person to seek election as the MP for Bognor Regis?

Andrew Moffat is the town's first British National Party's general election candidate.

The far right party attracts protests for its policies. Its recent Question Time session in Aldwick with prospective parliamentary candidates attracted the first political demonstration in the area for decades.

Outspoken Mr Moffat, 50, said he was prepared for strong challenges from his opponents in the forthcoming campaign in the Bognor Regis and Littlehampton constituency.

But he said he was willing to take on their policies with some blunt talking. "I am giving people the choice they don't have with the other parties," he said. "I am campaigning to halt immigration, deport illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, withdraw from Afghanistan, leave the EU, crack down on crime and restore Christian observance in schools.

"Multiculturalism is being deliberately imposed by Labour and the Liberals and Conservatives to balkanise Britain and erode our cultural heritage, thus facilitating undemocratic EU rule.

"The window is closing. Within 40 years, we shall become a minority in our own ancestral homeland. This is the end game – England is being extinguished."

He wants a referendum about the reinstatement of the death penalty for serious offenders such as terrorists and child killers whose identity has been proved by DNA.

Mr Moffat, who lives near Pulborough, attacked existing Conservative MP Nick Gibb's record on expenses. He listed some of Mr Gibb's tens of thousands of pounds of expenses for his second home for work such as redecoration and repairs and gardening.

"The old political class is loathed," said Mr Moffat. "Bognor Regis and Littlehampton's disgraceful Tory MP has been embroiled in the expenses scandal.MPs are grossly overpaid for failing their country. If elected, I shall donate 50 per cent of my Parliamentary salary to local good causes and challenge the other candidates to do likewise."

Mr Moffat is a veteran of two general election campaigns for UKIP. He first stood in Beaconsfield and then Arundel and South Downs in 2005.

He left because he disagreed with the party's views.

An international foodstuffs trader, he has spent most of his working career in overseas trade and commerce. He is a keen shot and sportsman and plays rugby.

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