VOTE: Are you concerned about proposals to cut some local bus services?

Bus passengers have been urged to make their views known about proposed cuts to the 60 service to Bognor Regis.

Town councillors want the users of the route to speak out about the intended scrapping of its evening and Sunday timetables.

The buses after 6.30pm on Mondays to Saturdays from the town centre through Aldwick and Pagham to Chichester could disappear along with the Sunday hourly service because of a £2m cut in subsidies.

Sandra Daniells said at the town council’s environment and leisure committee on Tuesday anyone concerned about the effects should join in the consultation by the county council.

“It’s important people raise their concerns. Everybody wants their particular service saved, but they must contribute to the consultation,” she said. “It will all depend on how much pressure there is to a keep a particular service and how much support there is for it.”

Committee chairman Tony Gardiner said: “Cutting the services will affect people going shopping in Bognor, or Chichester, or visiting families and friends.”

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