Vision of the future

A vision of Aldwick has been prepared to fight off unwanted 

The draft village design statement describes the parish’s main streets and details which additions would be suitable and which would not 
be allowed.

The initial version of the statement divides Aldwick into 15 areas – such as the Aldwick Bay estate, Gossamer Lane, Barrack Lane and the Willowhale Farm estate – and sets out their characteristics.

Cllr Dr Tony Poland, the parish council’s chairman, said: “This is to set the scene for how we want our parish to look – the roads, the trees, the open spaces, the shopping areas, things like that.”

Cllr John Hockenhull, the chairman of the amenities committee of the council, said work on the statement started in 2005 but had fizzled out.

A completed statement would have to be considered by Arun District Council whenever it determined a planning application in Aldwick.

“It will ensure any further developments or changes within the parish are based upon the 
area’s history and its present character,” he said.

But resident William Partridge said it would be impossible to stop further housing in the face of an increasing population.

“If you want to keep Aldwick as it is, and I suspect a lot of people do, how can you answer the fact you can’t underestimate the force that is causing new housing to be proposed and built, “ he said.

That cause was the near-doubling of the population every 40 years.

The growth will equal another 70,000 people for the urban area of Bognor Regis by 2050.

He said: “Those who would object to house building have to answer the developer who says people have to live somewhere.

“The pressure for new houses is relentless. If you can win one battle and the populations are increasing, and they are, you will lose the war.”

The finished village design statement has to be approved by Arun District Council. Once it is, Arun has to take it into consideration whenever a planning application in Aldwick is made.