VIDEO: UFO seen over Bognor

Is this is the latest sighting of a UFO above Bognor Regis?

Kevin Crane and his family were mystified by the object they saw above their home in Glencathara Road from 10pm on Saturday, August 8.

They have captured it on video and still photographs, but have no explanation for its appearance and behaviour.

Mr Crane, 50, said: "The footage is absolutely amazing. It's the most defined image yet I have seen for something I can't explain."

He was called to look at the object by his stepson. He believed it arrived from the Chichester direction.

"It came around three or four times, with red lights on," said Mr Crane.

"It was clearly circular but, on the fourth time, it started to do zig-zag shapes.

"It was really strange to see it zig-zagging across the sky in spasms. I've seen nothing like it in my life."

The UFO sighting lasted about 20 minutes, during which time it appeared, disappeared and reappeared as confirmed by his video recordings.

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