VIDEO: The Water Angels are here to stop drunken trips to A&E

A UNIVERSITY of Chichester graduate whose brother died because of alcohol addiction has backed a new scheme to promote sensible drinking.

The new Water Angels scheme splashed down at the Slug and Lettuce in South Street, Chichester on Tuesday.

Its aim is to get pubs, bars and clubs across West Sussex to encourage youngsters to drink a glass of water in between their pints to prevent alcohol-related behaviour and drunken trips to hospital.

The simple scheme, thought to be the first of its kind in the UK, has the backing of 22-year-old singer-songwriter Henry Maybury.

Henry’s older brother Tom died in his 20s of alcohol addiction and his song Lost Days, written in his memory, has gone viral and been watched more than a million times on YouTube.

Henry said: “I think Water Angels is a fantastic idea as it conveniently promotes drinking water without being too blatant, which is critical if we want to change the mind-set that it’s acceptable to pace yourself while on a night out.

“I really hope the scheme catches on around the UK and I’m proud to be part of it!”

Drinking holes could see ‘Water Angels’ going around to youngsters and offering them shots of water, while places will be urged to make free drinking water easily accessible to those enjoying themselves.

The Water Angels scheme is being run by West Sussex County Council with the backing of Sussex Police.

Cabinet member for community wellbeing, Christine Field, said: “It is a simple idea but could have real benefits both for the health and safety of young adults and venues – and their local communities – where it could lead a reduction in anti-social behaviour.”

Watch a video of Henry talking about the new scheme and his campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking in the video above.

And you can watch Henry’s YouTube sensation Lost Days by going to