VIDEO: Swans set up home in Pagham pond

A SWAN family that has set up home in a Pagham pond is in danger of running out of water.

Much to the fascination of nearby residents, the family – a mum, dad and five two-week-old cygnets have made themselves comfortable in the wet area in Lakeview.

Swan family in Pagham

Swan family in Pagham

But residents are worried the pond’s decreasing water levels could force out the feathered family.

The female swan had set up her nest on an island in the middle of the pond, which acted as a safe haven for her brood, but the lowering water levels and wire holding the island together have meant the cygnets have not been able to get back into the nest.

The swans have been forced to use a wooden slatted area floating in the water as a home, but this leaves them vulnerable to other animals during the night.

The baby swans also find it hard to climb out of the water onto the bank because the water levels are so low.

If the swans have to leave the pond in search of another water source it is feared the young birds would not be able to make the journey to the nearby rife or lagoon.

There is also a danger the cygnets could become separated from their parents which would leave them vulnerable.

The pond used to be fed by a natural spring - but that was capped off years ago.

Residents have contacted the environment agency and RSPB for help and advice but are worried nothing will be done to help the birds.

It is also believed to be the first time in 25 years a young swan family has nested in the area.

Although adult swans have been around for a while they have never been able to set up a nest.

Scores of residents and local school children have been visiting the area to see the young family.