VIDEO: Model railway is a hit in Felpham

SMALL railways proved a big attraction in Felpham.

The sixth SWING model railway exhibition was on course to better last year’s attendance of 300 visitors to marvel at its high quality layouts.

A detail of Brian Wilson's small industrial model railway.

A detail of Brian Wilson's small industrial model railway.

Among those on show from some of Britain’s finest model makers was the The Wipers, Fish-hook and Menin display by Matt Wildsmith.

It commemorated this summer’s 100th anniversary of the first world war with a bleak depiction of a narrow gauge line which would have served the trenches in France.

Liphook Railway Club member Matt said: “This is very different from the usual model railway layout. People look at it because it is unusual to see something like this.

“It becomes more fascinating once I tell people the history of the lines used to transport troops and equipment to the front line.

“I tried to make it as grim and bleak as possible by setting it during the winter.”

He has used artistic licence on the 7ft-long by 3ft-deep display to emphasise the role and sacrifice of the network which worked mainly at night to avoid alerting the enemy too much.

It was one of 12 layouts on show at St Mary’s Centre last Saturday.