VIDEO: Bosham murder - ‘Someone must know something’

Grandmother Valerie Graves was murdered as she slept a year ago
Grandmother Valerie Graves was murdered as she slept a year ago

‘SOMEONE out there must know something’. That is the message from the grieving family of Valerie Graves as the search continues to catch a killer a year on from her murder.

“If anyone knows anything, it doesn’t matter how insignificant they may think it is, please get in touch with police,” Valerie’s daughter Jemima Harrison said at a press conference in Brighton on Monday.

Valerie was bludgeoned to death with a hammer on the night of December 29, 2013 in a property she was house-sitting in Smugglers Lane, Bosham.

Jemima was joined by her brother, Tim Wood, and Nigel Acres, Valerie’s sister’s partner, in appealing for new information.

“We are all looking for closure, that’s the most important thing,” Nigel said.

“The police are telling us there’s more and more information coming in, and no matter how small, they’ve got to look at it in more detail before they can decide if it’s any use to them.

“There is information coming in on a regular basis so someone out there must know something.

“We would implore them to speak to the police. If it helps solve this crime then that’s all we can hope for.

“It’s all we want at this stage, and then that will give us some closure.”

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