Victoria urges fight against incinerator

A PLANNED incinerator in Ford will turn the village into a dumping ground, a resident has claimed.

Victoria Rhodes said: “I’m extremely concerned about the proposal. Life around here will be absolutely horrific if the scheme 
goes ahead.

“I’ve always felt very safe even though there’s the prison and a wastewater works here, but this new scheme will turn the village into a dumping ground.

“We didn’t do all that fighting against the 
eco-town plans to have this put on us.”

Ms Rhodes warned people who lived further afield would also be affected.

“Those in Bognor Regis, Arundel and Chichester might think they are unaffected by this scheme.
But anyone who lives 
within a ten mile-radius will be affected by the emissions.”

She said a friend near a similar incinerator at Slough alleged the health problems which had been caused by its emissions.

“You are talking about premature deaths and cancer. This is very serious,” said Ms Rhodes, a resident of Nelson Road for 16 years.

“We can’t wait until hundreds of us get cancer to say ‘we told you so’ about the incinerator.”

The problem was caused by the UK’s acceptance of the maximum permitted level of emissions from the burning of waste for power.

Another concern for villagers was the number of vehicles for the site. “I can’t imagine the amount of traffic there will be to the incinerator,” she said.

“The roads around here are just not big enough for all the vehicles already. Outside my house, the lorries can’t get past each other.

“The chimneys of the incinerator will also be visible from the top of the South Downs. They will be a blot on the landscape.”

An analysis for Grundon with its plans says the plant at the Ford Airfield Industrial Estate will add little to the levels for cadmium and chromium which are already above 
the tolerable daily intakes for children.

For all other pollutants, the impact from the incinerator, combined with background levels, will still be below those considered acceptable, to mean there is no health risk.