Twin towns celebrate their union

LINKS with a twin town are being strengthened.

Some 26 members of the Bognor Regis Twinning Association have flown out to Germany for a six-day visit to Weil-am-Rhine, one of the two German towns Bognor is twinned with the other being Trebbin.

Weil is a town in the south of Germany and known as a three country town. It is situated alongside a bend of the river Rhine where to the south is Switzerland, close to Basle, while over the river westwards is France and the town of Huningue, with which Weil is also twinned with.

Also on the trip – where members are staying with host families – will be twinners from Trebbin.

A full programme of social events and outings are always laid on by the host towns, including welcome and final receptions.

Also invited to take part on this visit were two students from Bognor as well as town councillors Sandra Daniells and Adam Cunard.

Bognor’s first twinning was with the French town of St Maur de Fosses, close to Paris.

Information on how to get involved, is available from the town hall and library.