Turkeys are given to help festival meal

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PLENTY of roast turkey will be on the plates of Christmas Day diners at a Bognor Regis church.

The organiser of the festive treat at Opengate Church has been given about £120-worth of the birds by the town’s Sainsbury’s store.

Roberta Nighy said: “The turkeys were going to cost me about £230. Now, it’s going to be just over £110. It’s fantastic what Sainsbury’s are doing.”

She has run the December 25 meal at the Victoria Drive church for about five years with a group of helpers. They assist with tasks such as peeling potatoes.

Some 60-70 people who are homeless or lonely usually turn up to enjoy a delicious meal, complete with mince pies and crackers and some equally important company.

Roberta asked Sainsbury’s for help to stretch the £300 she was given for the meal from the church. Store manager Peter Thomas and Jo Butler, its canteen manager, allowed her to use up its community budget for the year.