Travellers move on to Felpham playing field

Travellers in Felpham
Travellers in Felpham

A GROUP of travellers who have moved on to a Felpham playing field have sparked outrage amongst residents.

Caravans started to arrive at the King George V playing field on Monday (June 17), settling by its southern boundary.

The mobile homes continued to arrive throughout Tuesday.

Frank Talbutt, who lives in nearby Middleton Road, said: “To me, as a tax-paying resident, it just does not seem fair they can do it. They should not be allowed to get away with it.

“It is not just the fact they are there, it is that they often leave mess behind and cause damage to fences trying to get into places.”

The playing field has been subject to incursions by travellers in previous years.

Diane Crew, of Felpham Way, said: “It is not fair that every year we have to suffer like this. We hear a lot about travellers rights, but what about our rights as residents?

“As the weather has been nice, my children would usually be out enjoying themselves on the field after school, but they feel they can’t do that now.

“This happens almost every year, they come set up camp for a few days and then leave, leaving all their mess behind them. This year, I would say there are more than usual, they just seem to be continually arriving.

“My husband works in Littlehampton and he saw two caravans driving down the A259 on his way home from work last night, they just headed straight for the field.

“Other residents are also very concerned about it and I know a lot of people have contacted the council.”

A spokeswoman for Arun District Council said: “Arun were notified that travellers had entered King George V playing fields at Felpham on the afternoon of Monday, June 17.

“Officers have been on site to carry out the required welfare checks.

“Advice was given to the travellers whilst on the site, which is owned by the district council, to minimise the impact on neighbouring residents.

“The council has started legal proceedings to move the travellers from this site.”