Brain injury leads to compensation for 21-year-old Bognor Regis man

SUBSTANTIAL damages have been awarded to a Bognor Regis man to compensate for the catastrophic brain injuries he suffered in a road accident.

The large lump sum, which has not been disclosed, was awarded to Josh Humphrey in the High Court on Monday. (July 27)

It was in settlement of his claim for the catastrophic injuries he inclined in the collision five years ago. The damages also include payments for the care he will need for the rest of his life.

Josh’s mother, Steph Humphrey, said after the hearing: “We are grateful this aspect is now over.

“Nothing will take away Josh’s terrible difficulties but at least we no longer have the huge financial worries that arise as a result of brain injury.”

Josh was just 16 when he was one of the passengers in a friend’s car on their way out for a day trip.

A collision with a lorry in Wisborough Green led to one passenger dying and Josh suffered what was described by doctors as a very severe traumatic brain injury.

In the months that followed, Josh spent time at various hospitals and rehabilitation units until he was finally fit to return to a specially adapted bungalow.

Not knowing where to turn, Josh’s mother initially consulted a small firm of solicitors that handled car accident cases. However, as the case went on, it was clear to those caring for Josh that he needed specialist legal advice.

Following a transfer of instructions to award-winning solicitor Warren Collins, of Penningtons Manches LLP, the case was progressed to a stage where a settlement was achieved and approved by the High Court.

Mrs Humphrey praised the support of Mr Collins and the wider legal team at the law firm and said she had every confidence they would deliver justice for Josh.

Mr Collins said: “Josh has recovered a substantial sum - but it is not a lottery win.
“He now has the financial security to provide himself with accommodation, equipment and care that would otherwise either be the responsibility of the taxpayer or simply unavailable to this young man.”

Changing solicitors was also an option for those involved in legal cases, he said, though Josh’s family had been unaware of the fact until they were told about it by professionals treating Josh.

“In Josh’s case, we essentially had to unpick what had been done and start again,” said Mr Collins.