Bognor Regis’ tuc tuc is back in tip-top shape

Passengers are able once more to go for a ride in Bognor Regis’ very own tuc tuc.

Owner Adie Smith went on the roads with his distinctive three-wheeler on Boxing Day more than two-and-a-half months after an accident - which needed £2,000 of repairs - threatened to put him out of business.

He said before Christmas: “I’m delighted to have my tuc tuc back.

“I’ve got a couple of bookings for Boxing Day and I’m looking forward to getting it back on the road again.

“The tuc tuc has been missed during the past few weeks and I had a lot of support from people for which I’ve been grateful.”

Adie, 50, of Sudley Road, launched his tuc tuc service last summer. He built up his business to upwards of 12 customers a weekday and weekend tours popular with Butlin’s visitors.

But after a hit and run crash at midday on October 17 it seemed the tuc tuc’s time on the road was over.

The smash crumpled the vehicle’s rear and damaged one of its sides.

Adie – lacking an income – struggled to pay for the repairs which were outside his insurance cover.

He eventually managed to get the tuc tuc back in a roadworthy condition - as well as installing a heater for the comfort of passengers - after he used a third party insurance claims company.

The two weeks before Christmas also saw him driving a London black cab to earn some money before his tuc tuc was repaired.

Adie came up with the idea of his unusual taxi after he was out of work for more than two years following the end of his previous driving job.