Bognor Regis drivers must stick to 50mph under new rule

Motorists travelling along the new Bognor Regis northern relief road will have to stick to a 50mph speed limit.

West Sussex County Council is going through the legal requirements to place the restriction on the route.

Its head of legal and democratic services, Tony Kershaw, said in a statement: “During the design of the route and layout of the new relief road, it was assessed the most appropriate speed limit will be 50mph.

“This speed limit is, therefore, proposed for the whole length of the road between its roundabouts with Chichester Road and Rowan Way.

“This is proposed to maintain safety on the new road.”

It was originally expected that a 40mph limit would be placed along the route.

Parking is also intended to be banned on the thoroughfare.

“It is also proposed to introduce a 24 hours rural clearway on the whole length of the new relief road.

“Vehicles waiting on the new road would obstruct the passage of traffic and create a safety hazard due to the speed of traffic on the road,” he said.

The new road will connect Rowan Way, opposite Ash Grove, to the A259 Chichester Road around Babsham Lane for a length of about 1.5 miles and cost of upwards of £6m.

This is being paid by the developers of the 700-plus homes on the Site Six estates which are being built next to the route of the road.

The companies have to build the road through a legal agreement with West Sussex County Council.

This deal specifies the completion of the road must be undertaken within a two-year period from the completed construction of the 101st house across both sites.

Failure to do this will allow the county council to draw funds from the developers in order to complete the road.

Updates by the developers to Arun District Council show there had been 246 completions and 121 occupations at North Bersted by last month (OCT).

As part of the new traffic regulation, the county council wants to put a 30mph on the relief road’s roundabout with Rowan Way.

The rest of Rowan Way will have a 40mph limit to maintain the flow of traffic along what will become the main route for traffic passing through Bognor Regis.