'Lifeline' lost for disabled and elderly Bognor residents after cancellation of free Tesco bus service


Observer readers have had their say after Stagecoach confirmed the imminent cancellation of its free Tesco bus service in Bognor Regis.

The practical service which benefited elderly and non driving residents in Bognor will no longer operate after March 25, after Tesco withdrew the funding, Stagecoach confirmed last week. Read more here.

Tesco, Bognor Regis

Tesco, Bognor Regis

The free service currently runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, serving residents in the Middleton, Yapton, Elmer, Flansham, Felpham and Bognor Regis areas.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Jane Washington wrote: "It is a shame because the Tesco bus is a very good service and it will affect many.

"Everyone forgets there are a lot of us who can't drive. Someone is missing a trick here if all the stores got together and funded a bus a lot more of us could get to these stores.

"As it is the Stagecoach bus that goes up there at the moment only gives you less than an hour there. When we get the new Lidl that will be impossible to get to. A taxi there and back would cost me about £18."

Layla Emily Charlotte Wilson asked: "Why get rid of it all together? Why not charge a small fee for using the service then surely this way everyone will be happy and I’m sure people will be willing to pay something for bus fare if there really in need of it."

Paul Biggs said the news has 'upset Tesco shoppers in and around Middleton on Sea areas'.

Judith Crisp wrote: "Sadly assuming that everyone can manage without this bus service is a definite step in the wrong direction. Not all people are internet or computer savvy.

"Why should all these people that relied on that free bus every week, be made to rely on someone else? Shame on you Tesco, for removing so many people of their right to a little independence in their twilight years!"

Christine Bryant's one word reaction to the decision was 'outrageous', whilst Emma Cook wrote: "That’s bad, we need the service."

Jea Woodcote said: "There are so many cut backs to services when we are threatened with massive and widespread development in West Sussex.

"Where is all the money coming from to drive the rapidly progressing urbanisation while local projects like this, which are a lifeline to many residents, just get axed? Presumably this is not deemed to be profitable enough."

However, some readers don't think it is 'end of the world'.

Barry McBaz wrote: "Order online. Not the end of the world is it? Let's worry about more important things in this world. Why do people expect to be driven to a shop?"

Lynn Wilson pointed people towards the free Sainsbury’s service run every Tuesday and Thursday by Compass Travel.

Meanwhile, Donna Carr said that the Tesco bus 'took forever to get there' and was 'quicker to walk it', but Jane Washington replied to that argument by saying that 'isn't an option if you are elderly or disabled'.

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