Driver flees collision near Chichester

A collision, which blocked a road near Chichester in both directions, resulted in minor injuries, according to a Sussex Police special constable.

SC Neil Worth said officers were called to an accident at Chichester Road at around 5.30pm on Friday, and advised people to avoid the area on social media.

He added: "Chichester Road just outside Selsey is currently closed whilst we await recovery following a collision.

"The road is blocked in both directions. If you can avoid the area, please do! Thank you for your patience."

A fire engine and ambulances also attended the scene of the collision, which reportedly involved a car and a van.

Providing an update later that evening, SC Neil Worth wrote: "The road into Selsey is now open - we’re sorry for the delay. Thankfully there were only minor injuries."



He also left a message for a driver 'who decided not to stick around' after the collision.

He wrote: "To the driver who decided not to stick around for a chat in Selsey earlier, we know who you are and where you live so perhaps give us a call on 101 sooner rather than later..."