Chichester roadworks ⁠— Here's what is causing traffic chaos at rush hour

Motorists travelling in Chichester during rush hour have endured traffic chaos over the last few weeks — Here's why:

Friday, 18th October 2019, 5:32 pm

As part of planning permission for the new Shopwyke Lakes development, the A27 Portfield scheme commenced on a number of roads, including the A27 Chichester bypass, A27 Westhampnett bypass, Portfield Way, Shopwhyke Road and Oving Road in May. The major scheme, which has seen the A27 narrowed, is scheduled to continue until autumn 2020.

Spitalfield Lane has also seen huge disruption, due to the temporary traffic lights set up whilst gas main work takes place, which is due to end in November. Commuters are currently facing delays of 20 minutes or more entering the city via Portfield roundabout due to these roadworks.

In conjunction with the works on Spitalfield Lane, Adelaide Road has been closed since September 23 but is due to re-open tomorrow (Saturday).

To avoid the road closure, motorists have used Bognor Road as an alternative, causing queues through the Hornet. A petition has been set up to move a set of traffic lights at the Hornet, which turn red at the crossing 'approximately every 30 seconds'. Read more hereDrivers are using Oving Road to avoid the long queues into Chichester, by turning right at the Oving traffic lights.

Drivers coming from Littlehampton are faced with junction improvement works at the entrance to the retail park at Rowan Way.

Delays won't end there, though, as a new roundabout, needed for the Lidl under construction in Chichester’s Westhampnett Road, will require a series of road closures, starting next month. A traffic regulation order is being advertised for roadworks beginning on November 5 along Westhampnett Road to construct a junction for the new supermarket, which will have 133 parking spaces. Read more here