Town’s entertainment centre hoping to save lives


LIFE-SAVING equipment is being proposed for the Bognor Regis entertainment centre.

Trustees of the Arun Arts charity at the Regis Centre want to install a defibrillator for the public to use when a person has a heart attack.

They have launched an appeal to pay for the £2,400 advanced medical equipment. It would be sited at the building’s entrance and become the town centre’s only known defibrillator.

Mike Stevens, the centre’s managing director, said: “We initially thought about having a defibrillator for 
our customers.

“But we then considered the fact we are a community theatre, run by volunteers, and we would like the defibrillator to be available for everyone to use.

“We hope as many people as possible will help raise money. The donations could well save lives.”

Bucket collections will be held during shows at the centre’s studio and Alexandra Theatre. Collection boxes will also be placed in its foyer.

“The first few seconds after someone has suffered a cardiac arrest are crucial,” said Mr Stevens. “The defibrillator could make all the difference. It is foolproof.”

The machine the trustees have decided to install is a Heartsafe model which has a resuscitation guide.

This automatically tells the user the most effective way to deliver good heart compressions, before paramedics arrive, to keep the patient alive after administering an initial shock with its pads.

Those at the centre will be shown how to use it.

The defibrillator will be housed in a green vandal-proof stainless steel box under a green light. The box needs a code from a 999 controller to be opened.

Similiar defibrillators have been installed outside schools, shops and pubs. Donations to 01243 867676.