Town businesses warmly welcome new manager

A WARM welcome has been given by Bognor Regis businesses to the new town centre manager.

As reported, Toyubur Rahman has been selected for the position and will start work in May.

The executive committee of the town’s chamber of commerce has invited him to speak at a future meeting.

Chairman and president Nick Stuart-Nicolson was a member of the selection panel which interviewed the latest candidates for the role.

He said at Monday’s executive committee meeting: “Toyubur was the first person we interviewed which is not necessarily the best position out of five.

“After he had finished, we said that he had set the standard. He certainly did because none of the others came anywhere near him after that. He was quite head and shoulders above the rest.”

Mr Rahman will leave the national body for town and city centres to work in Bognor.

“I know we have come to the right decision,” said Mr Stuart-Nicolson. “He is a man of some experience.”

Mr Rahman was the town centre manager in Bromley before he joined the Association of Town and City Management.

His job will be managed by the University of Chichester and he will report to the Bognor Regis Regeneration Board, whose members include the university, and business and council representatives.

Chamber of commerce executive committee member Jim Brooks said Mr Rahman’s arrival would be good news.

“I support him but I hope that, if he forms views not necessarily in line with the authorities, they will have the courage to support him,” he said.

Mr Rahman’s role is being funded for four-and-a-half years with £250,000 from various partners.