Toto is back again as clowns’ return nears

TOTO the clown is again travelling transatlantic to visit Bognor Regis.

The funnyman from Davenport in Iowa will be making his eighth appearance at a festival staged by Clowns’ International.

He will be joined by scores of other clowns for the annual Circus Circus clowns’ festival at Butlin’s and procession through the town.

“I absolutely love the clown festivals that CI puts on and some of the very finest have been held in Bognor,” said Toto, alias Ron Johnson.

“Clowns from around the world gather together for a week of learning and laughter.

“I am also very happy and honoured to have been asked over the past few years to appear at schools and nurseries for three days before the festival.

“I put clown make-up on in front of the children, do some juggling and magic and tell a bit about the history of clowns.”

This year will also see him performing on stage in the children’s show at the Regis Centre at 5.30pm on March 1. It will be followed by a variety show at 7.30pm.

Both mark a return to clown performances in the town during the glory days of the International Clowns’ Convention in the mid-90s.

The latest clowns’ weekend will end with the town-centre and seafront parade from 2pm on March 3.

Much of the weekend will take place in a usually-packed Butlin’s which supplies rooms for the clowns.