Tone Zone break record in sizzling Southdowns race

The Tone Zone team ready for the Southdowns races
The Tone Zone team ready for the Southdowns races

THERE was a record turnout this year from Bognor’s Tone Zone Runners in the annual Southdowns marathon, half-marathon and relay Marathon was held.

The marathon started at Slindon College and finished after 26.2 hilly miles at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, East Hampshire – on one of the hottest day of the year.

Tone Zone fielded four relay teams and are defending champions of the veterans age group (50-plus). The vets put in an excellent display of pace and determination and came first.

Danny Mahoney led the team off for stage one, followed by head coach Keith Hardwell, Perry Lee and Tony Holcombe.

The half-marathon was subject to a last-minute route change and ended up involving two assaults on Butser Hill.

Four Tone Zoners finished. Neil Pacey, having trained for the 13.1-mile distance was not fazed by an extra two miles on his first half-marathon.

The full marathon was run by a record 17 members of Tone Zone. Runners were hampered by high heat and many were tended by the onsite first-aiders for dehydration.

Luke Simmonds, in ever-improving form this year, finished first in 4.21.37, crossing the line with Karen Harrison and Anna Kari Enes.

Sam Glover chose the Southdowns marathon to be his first and finished in an impressive 4.36. Marc Annals, Chris Gallagher and Katie O’Connor made a break from the pack at mile 20 to finish together in 4.52.

The popular Hayling Billy five-mile race was held on a picturesque route, the old Hayling Billy railway line, and saw 12 Tone Zone Runners on the start line. Jack Penfold finished first in category.

Sarah Baker ran the Alresford 10k and achieved a personal best of 55.15. At the Lavant five-mile race which took in a lap of the Goodwood motor circuit, Peter Lee recorded a time of 30.56 and Kari Mack came in at 30.59 and was second lady overall.

Tone Zone times: Hayling Billy 5 – Jack Penfold 31.32; Paul Coe 34.59; Glenn Penfold 36.02; Chris Gallagher 36.32; Stuart Thomson 39.52; Jessica Thomson 41.43; Debbie Pacey 42.18; Sarah Baker 43.12; Peter Chittenden 52.39; Carole Mulry 53.50; Samantha Yates 55.39.

Lavant 5 – Peter Lee 30.56; Kari Mack 30.59 2nd lady overall; Paul Jarvis 33.15; Gary Pedgeon 35.26; Glenn Penfold 36.14; Neil Strudwick 36.27; Kate O’Connor 36.42; Jack Penfold 37.02; Chris Gallagher 37.26; Tony Hancock 37.40; Carolyn Stapely 38.29; Karl Hayes 38.29; Stuart Thomson 40.35; Richard Peach 41.16; Jackie Williamson 41.57; Wendy Harding 41.58; Neil Pacey 42.16; Peter Lomax 42.23; Debbie Pacey 42.27; Natalie Tribe 42.38; Lisa Robinson 43.50; Sarah Baker 43.51; Debbie Patching 44.40; Alan Argent 45.34; Lesley Ward 46.24; Clare Mason 46.55; Roy Web 48.05 1st in category; Tony Hurren 48.10; Sarah Spurr 48.48; Samantha James 49.02; Carol Mulry 53.12; Nicky King 53.13; Vicki Weiss 53.27; Marc Vonlanthen 55.00.

Lisburn 10k: Denise Sadler-Moznabi 57.01.

South Downs Marathon: Luke Simmonds 4.21.37; Karen Harrison 4.21.38; Anna Kari Enes 4.21.38; Sam Glover 4.36.46; Paul Coe 4.51.45; Marc Annals 4.52.10; Chris Gallagher 4.52.18; Kate O’Connor 4.52.20; Ian Bayley 4.56.12; Colin Hiscock 4.56.21; Carolyn Stapely 4.56.24; Karl Hayes 5.15.58; Ian Culton 5.30.47; Grace Natoli 5.38.14; Stuart Thomson 5.51.10; Judith Bazeley 5.51.43; Joan Woolley 6.55.59.

South Downs Half Marathon: Peter Lee 2.08.24; Gary Bushby 2.39.44; Neil Pacey 2.46.35; Paul Stevenson 2.58.28.

South Downs Marathon & Relay: Paul Westwood, Stephen McLoughlin + 2 3.19.39; Keith Hardwell, Danny Mahoney, Perry Lee & Tony Holcombe TBC; Tone Zone Scrambled Legs: Glenn Penfold, Richard Peach, Neil Studwick & Dan Hughes 3.55.34;

Tone Zone Alsorts - Debbie Pacey, Jackie Williamson, Lisa Robinson & Karen Blackman 4.24.54.