Thrillseekers stormed pier after event

RECKLESS thrillseekers stormed Bognor Regis pier to jump off a platform put up for a crowd-pulling occasion.

Up to 100 teenagers and young adults flocked on to the town’s pier after the International Bognor Birdman Rally held last Sunday finished.

They began jumping off the 13ft-high scaffolding around 4.50pm, and others were also spotted climbing up the side of the pier.

The Birdman event is organised taking account of the tide times to minimise any danger to contestants, and rescue boats are in the water throughout the event.

But the rogue jumpers began launching themselves of the platform and the side of the pier as they tide was going out, risking serious injury.

Some could be heard bragging that they had managed to touch the sea bed when they jumped.

Sergeant Anna Gent of Sussex Police said: “Officers were there to police the organised event and received reports afterwards that people were jumping from the scaffolding with particular concern as the tide was going out.

“The event organisers and pier security would retain a responsibility for the event set up until it was dismantled.

“Clearly, thought had been afforded to those taking part in the recognised event and those who choose to behave in a reckless fashion without the benefit of any health and safety put themselves at risk.”

“People had dispersed by 5.30pm when it appeared that officials had closed the pier.”