The idea of electors’ group to be rejected

Town hall
Town hall

A PROPOSED Electors’ Commission to help Bognor Regis is unlikely to proceed.

The idea failed to get past the town council’s policy and resources committee on Monday (July 1).

It was the first time town councillors had debated the idea to consider an alternative regeneration plan since it was agreed at the annual electors’ meeting last March.

Committee vice-chairman Roger Nash said: “I agree with the spirit of what is being said but I believe a better way of going ahead is for the town council to lead working with others such as the civic society on the issue.”

The other two committee members at the meeting agreed. Their view will be given to next Monday’s full town council meeting.

“The commission could add another layer of bureaucracy in a situation where we will need to take decisions promptly and work together as quickly as possible.

“It could be a bit unwieldy, difficult to co-ordinate and the issue of funding has not really been addressed.”

Committee member Adam Cunard said: “I don’t think the commission is a bad idea but my concern is that it will be just another organisation – a talking shop which will not get us anywhere.”

Eileen Anderson, the other committee member present for the debate, said: “Everybody is saying nothing is going to happen (with regeneration) anyway. It’s just going to carry on as we are. Why can’t something more positive be done?”

The electors’ meeting called for the commission, open to all the town’s electors, to meet as required to consider and vote upon a viable and improved regeneration plan. This would look at the option of developing the Alexandra Theatre into a 750-seat centre for theatrical and musical excellence, working with the University of Chichester.

The meeting condemned the current regeneration plans by Arun District Council and developer St Modwen for lacking a landmark project to attract trade and visitors.