The future of healthcare unveiled at Festival of Speed's Future Lab

Dr Peter FitzGerald with the Biochip
Dr Peter FitzGerald with the Biochip

A global diagnostics company has used the Festival of Speed as a showcase for its pioneering piece of technology that it believes could revolutionise medical testing.

Called the Biochip, created by Randox, this health testing platform can currently run 49 different tests simultaneously - making sure you get the right diagnosis as fast as possible.

Current and futuristic developments in this critical strand of medicine, involving detailed analysis of blood to identify both current and future health risks, are appearing as part of the festival’s Future Lab project. Those visiting Future Lab will learn how technology can be utilised to improve the speed and accuracy of health diagnoses across the world.

With further plans to expand and enhance the Biochip even further – with capabilities to run over 1024 tests on a single blood sample – this technology is set to revolutionise the future of healthcare.

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Randox founder and Managing Director, said: “For years we’ve been working behind-the-scenes with hospitals and laboratory professionals and, until now, our contribution to improving healthcare would not have been evident to the general public. But we know now that it’s time for us to come out – our technologies have the potential to transform healthcare around the world, and that matters to everyone.

“More sensitive, comprehensive and accurate technologies hold the promise of much earlier and effective diagnosis, often before symptoms appear – greatly improving healthcare outcomes and reducing the burden on healthcare services. And these technologies are directly available to the individual through our consumer division Randox Health, not just through GPs or hospitals.

“It is also a fact that diagnostics have historically been undervalued - in healthcare systems around the world laboratory technologies account for around two per cent of overall budgets, yet 70-80 per cent of all healthcare decisions affecting diagnosis or treatment involve a laboratory investigation.”

Sensing the potential to improve healthcare through diagnostic innovation, Randox has invested significantly in the development of Biochip Array Technology, allowing many tests to be run simultaneously.

Revealed at the Goodwood Future Lab for the first time is the unrivalled 32x32 Biochip. This highly anticipated testing platform will remarkably be able to provide patients with 1024 key pieces of information about their current and future health. Combined with advanced algorithms, the effect will be truly revolutionary.

“The 32x32 Biochip is key to unlocking true personalised medicine. Ultimately it acts as a roadmap of your health by predicting the health conditions of which you are personally at risk in the future. By taking preventive action you will be empowered to live healthier for longer. It’s the world’s first technology of its kind, capable of extending your life.”

The Randox Health Mobile Clinic, in which the public can directly access Randox technologies in the form of the world’s most comprehensive health check, will be at the Goodwood Hotel on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th July. Those wishing to book can call 0800 2545 130 or can find out more by visiting the Randox Health website or downloading the app.