Tesco promises to look in to complaints about its stores

A DOSSIER of complaints about Tesco convenience stores across Bognor Regis is being compiled by councillors.

The information is being put together after a meeting between county councillors Paul Wells, Simon McDougall, Mike Coleman and a member of Middleton Parish Council with bosses from the retailer.

It followed an ongoing series of moans over the effect on the surrounding areas of the stores.

Cllr Wells said at Bognor Regis Town Council on September 10, he was hopeful progress would be made.

“It was an extremely positive meeting. We had the right person from Tesco there. Tesco will not be able to solve all the things but they will seek to resolve some of the issues.”

Among the problems were the amount of goods cages on the pavements and parked trucks outside the Aldwick Road store.