Target is 1,000 members in six months

LET’s get to 1,000 members within six months, pier fans have been urged.

The Friends of Bognor Regis Pier has grown rapidly so far this year to reach 333 members a week ago.

This is a third of the target of a 1,000-strong membership.

Chairman Jan Malpas said: “We signed up 60 new members last month alone.

“We originally wanted to get to a thousand members by the end of the year.

“But we now want to see if we can do it by the time the bid goes in to the Heritage Lottery Fund in August.

“It would be great to show the fund that we have that much support behind us.

“If every one of our members just gets two more people to join, we will reach 1,000.”

The Friends held their latest coffee morning last week. It was the third of the events held at 10.30am on the first Wednesday monthly in the Regis Centre.

The meetings are proving so popular that last week’s had to be moved to a larger room.

Jan said: “We had 60-70 people here and it was fantastic to see so many people supporting us. There is a real enthusiasm behind us.”

Of those present, nine joined those willing to help at publicity days such as March 28 in the London Road precinct. A further ten names were on the list to help refurbish The Pierpoint which is being cleared by the pier’s owner, John Ayers, ready for Bognor Pier Trust to use. “It’s all going unbelievably well,” said Jan. “It’s impossible to say how good everyone has been towards us. There’s a real momentum going.

“As the weather gets warmer, and we can become more visible, that is going to get better and better.

“I think that, as much as we are doing, we are only getting the tip of the iceberg of the support for the pier and we need to get out more into the community.”