Sussex Police introduces measures to curb crime during Euros

INCREASED patrols and dispersal orders are among the measures Sussex Police will be introducing to curb crime during the European Football Championships.

As well as increased patrols and dispersal orders, which give police powers to ban groups of people from areas for 24 hours, Sussex Police has been working with local authorities and licensees to “deter trouble before it starts”.

This includes licensed premises selling drinks in plastic cups and bringing trouble makers to the attention of the police.

“Our main aim is to make this a safe and trouble-free tournament,” said Superintendent Grenville Wilson.

“Our approach will be friendly, fair but firm. The vast majority of supporters are law-abiding and peaceful, but there are a few who use events like the championships as an excuse to cause trouble. We don’t want it and we won’t put up with it.

“In addition to extra police patrols, we have a wide variety of legal powers which can and will be used if necessary.

“We also have powers to stop individuals drinking in public, and powers to require people to disperse from specific areas, if we think they are likely to cause or are causing trouble. Arrest can follow if they fail to comply. Think of the dispersal order as the yellow and red card scheme. A yellow card means you must leave the area. If you don’t you get the red card – arrest.”

Those who are planning to watch matches in pubs, clubs or other venues in Sussex, are being told to be drink aware and watch their purses, wallets and phones and plan ahead.