Surcharging sewers worry flood group

OVERFLOWING sewers are concerning members of a Felpham group.

The surcharging pipes in the recent downpours is worrying the West Felpham Flood Action Assembly.

A spokesman said: “Sewer surcharging did take place during heavy rains. This untreated sewage flows on to roads and into the sea. This is a concern for us and is a situation which Southern Water is looking into.” Southern Water is carrying out a survey and computer modelling of flows in its network in the area.

“The flood action assembly raised concerns regarding additional run off caused, in part, by building developments in the area,” the spokesman said.

“The water ultimately discharges into the sea, via the Aldingbourne Rife or through pipes and ditches.”

The recent severe weather led to flooding in Felpham but no properties were believed to have flooded internally. “This is probably due to various measures, which combined to attenuate the peak water levels,” the spokesman said.

The group tackled the ditch on Beach Estate, the Ley Road ditch was cleared and the Environment Agency used a different plan to pump surface water into the rife.