Superhero gives advice to pupils

A SUPERHERO explained how to help others to a group of young people from schools across Felpham and Bognor Regis.

Spiderman passed on his tips as part of a day spent by the pupils focusing on their rights and responsibilities.

The event brought together those aged from six to 16.

It was held by the Felpham and Bognor School Council with a lot of planning and enabling by the rights-respecting school ambassadors from Felpham Community College and The Regis School.

Pip Otton, the head of Laburnum Grove Primary School, said: “The ambassadors were kind, thoughtful and brilliant role models for the children aged five to 11.

“It was lovely how they worked as a team with their teachers as equals to deliver an excellent day.”

The ambassadors started their planning back in July.

They identified key messages they wanted the younger children to explore.

These messages related to the Unicef UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Their next task was to work out how to engage with the younger children in a meaningful way.

They achieved this by placing the attending children straight on to an obstacle course that challenged their knowledge of the rights and respects of the child.

This flowed into the meeting with Spiderman.

The chat was followed by the chance to design their owns rights and respecting superhero and produce a song and dance that went with the character.

Lunch was followed by work in which the pupils designed a biscuit that related to one of the articles of the rights of the child.

A FAB Council member said: “It was a thought-provoking day that enabled children of all ages to reflect on what really matters.”