Sunglasses a must for festival lovers

FESTIVAL-goers in Bognor Regis have been encouraged to keep an eye on their health.

Townsfolk who are taking advantage of the sun by visiting festivals this summer are being warned to protect their eyesight from over exposure to UV rays.

As the festival countdown starts, Sight Care, a support network for independent opticians, is encouraging attendees to ensure they pack the essentials to keep their eyes healthy.

Paul Surridge, chief executive of Sight Care, said: “Festivals are great summer events for everyone to enjoy, but without the right sort of eye protection in strong sunlight, long-term eye damage can be sustained.

“My advice would be to take a couple of minutes to check you have adequate eye protection for the duration of the festival and that includes a good pair of sunglasses.”

Bognor’s own Rox Music and Arts festival will take place on July 27 and 28.