Street briefing is a chance to talk


RESIDENTS have been urged to work with the police to solve anti-social behaviour in a Bognor Regis road.

A street briefing on Canada Grove attracted some ten residents plus business owners to meet police officers and council officers.

The evening session was held after a rise in complaints about yobbish activities in the town centre road. They have included complaints about noise, public drinking and public urination.

One of those who went along, businessman Danny Dawes of Sturges Road, said: “I think it was a good idea for the police to hold this meeting.

“In order to stop these problems from happening, the whole community needs to come together and understand different cultures that are around.

“We all live in the same area. So, we all need to pull together to make things happen.”

District and town councillor Jim Brooks was also present. He said: “The main problem in the area is the perception of drink and we now have to take a policy of no tolerance.

“This meeting the police have organised and advertised is terrific. It allows the residents to discuss the problems they have with the local area.”

Police community support officer Tracey Ford said: “We have had a few people tell us about anti-social behaviour on Canada Grove.

“However, until now, we have only received a few reports but we are hoping that will now change.

“We want to help the residents in any way we can. However, the only way we know there is a problem is if people tell us.”

Sergeant Neal Harvey, of the neighbouring policing team, said: “We have given out anti-social behaviour diaries to the residents where they can log anything they think should come to our attention. Or, if not ours, we can pass it on to who it needs to go to.

“People forget that, although we are just the police, we will try to help as much as we can – which we would not be able to do without the support of the other services.”

Jenny McMann, an early intervention anti-social behaviour case worker with Arun District Council, also called for residents to supply as much information as possible.

“If we don’t have the information from residents, then we will not be able to deal with the problems.

“People need to understand that all of the services can help each other in providing advice.

“Teams that work together have stronger tools.”

Last Thursday’s (September 19) briefing took place at the southern end of Canada Grove and followed similar sessions around the town.