Stormy weather blows over fence

Some of the fencing blown over by the strong wind SUS-150224-083515001
Some of the fencing blown over by the strong wind SUS-150224-083515001

STRONG winds knocked over safety barriers along an eroded beach.

Some 70 of the 2ft 6in metal fence panels were pushed over by the stormy weather early on Monday afternoon.

They had been put in place by Arun District Council to stop walkers toppling over the edge of the shingle beach crest on to the eroded foreshore below.

West Front Road resident Sue Miller said: “The situation is really very dangerous.

“We had high winds with the high tide and the fencing just blew over like dominoes as far as I can see from my house looking towards East Front Road.”

The tide reached 6m high just before 2.30pm on Monday.

The Met Office forecasted the wind speed as gusting at more than 30mph.

The long line of 6ft-long barriers was put up by Arun after the beach in front of West Front Road became badly eroded. A permanent solution to the problem is being sought by the parish council. It is backing studies to show cutting a channel in the Church Norton Spit, which is creating tides causing the scouring, can be achieved safely.

An Arun spokeswoman said: “We received a call at around 2.15pm on Monday to inform us that the safety fencing had been blown over by a freak gust of wind.

“Arun officers attended Pagham Beach by 3pm. Contractors, Earlcote, are due on site on Tuesday to undertake additional work to the beach and safety fencing.”