Still time to back Christmas appeal

Paul Mcpherson with the Wencelas Appeal poster SUS-141112-083239001
Paul Mcpherson with the Wencelas Appeal poster SUS-141112-083239001

LIONS club members in Bognor Regis fear a computer fault could help stopped donors backing their Christmas appeal.

They launched their Wencelas Appeal to help to wipe out fuel poverty in the town and the surrounding area.

Several thousand pounds have been donated but many more pounds have failed to be donated because would-be donors have been unable to give their money online.

Paul Mcpherson, of the Lions, said: “Money has been coming in but we have discovered that a great many people have tried to donate via the Lions Just Giving account.

“But a system fault prevented them from being able to send money.

“The club would like to urge anyone who tried to donate online before - and was unable to do so - to try again, or to send a cheque.

“Any donation, large or small, can make a real difference. Together, with the Bognor Lions club, we can begin to eradicate fuel poverty and fuel debt in our town.”

The appeal was launched two months ago and has gained greater relevance with weather forecasts of increasingly colder spells as the winter progresses.

The appeal is aimed at helping the great many individuals and families around the town who cannot afford to heat their homes in winter. Mr Macpherson said the figure was believed to be one in seven of all households.

“As a consequence, some people may die from hypothermia due to a lack of heating. A great number of families - young and old alike - face a stark choice of heating or eating,” he said.

The Wencelas Appeal intends to overcome the problem by asking those who can afford it to donate some or all of their winter fuel allowance.

He said: “There are a great number of fortunate people who can afford to heat their homes. Indeed, many who receive the government winter fuel allowance do not actually need it but, ironically, cannot send it back.

“Bognor Regis Lions Club are working with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in the town to identify and give help to people in great need.”

Money can be donated through the Lions Just Giving account -

Cheques can also be sent c/o Wallops LLP, York Chambers, York Road, Bognor Regis PO21 1LT. They should be made payable to Bognor Regis Lions Club Wencelas Appeal.