Solution is sought for watch puzzle

A MYSTERY watch has puzzled a Bersted councillor.

Jim Heaton came across the timepiece among the belongings of his mother, Janet Heaton, soon after she died earlier this year aged 92.

The yellow metal watch is inscribed on its back: ‘Ant With All My Love Amanda, 27/3/82’.

But Mr Heaton has no idea about the individuals’ identities. His inquiries among his family have also been fruitless.

He said: “No-one seems to know where this watch came from. It was one of those things my mother collected.”

He found the watch in his mum’s flat in Benizi Court in Bognor Regis town centre after her death on May 26.

Mr Heaton did not believe the watch was valuable, but he would like to return it to a person for whom it has some meaning.

He was unwilling to reveal the make to ensure anyone who inquired was genuine. He can be emailed at