Smokers to get help to kick their habit

SMOKERS in the Bognor Regis area are being asked to stub it out and kick the habit.

With Stoptober 2013 nearly upon us, smokers are being asked to take up the challenge and give up for 28 days.

As part of the challenge Arun Wellbeing will be holding a drop-in event at Bognor Regis Library from 10am-2pm on October 15.

Roger Wood, head of neighbourhoods at Arun District Council, said: “Accessing the support offered by Arun Wellbeing and the West Sussex Stop Smoking Service makes you four times more likely to be successful than trying to stop smoking by yourself, and we’re keen to help all residents who want to give Stoptober a go.

“Stopping smoking has long-term health benefits for all involved and their families, not to mention the money savings people can make.”

A person stopping smoking for 28 days is five times more likely to stay smoke-free and it is Stoptober’s ambition to help smokers achieve 
this goal.

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