Sixteen homes agreed for Hambrook despite concerns for infrastructure


Sixteen homes have been permitted to join a development in Hambrook, despite serious concerns over the village’s infrastructure.

This came to much dismay for Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council after the site in Lion Park was previously approved for commercial use.

Parish councillor Linda Wilkinson said: “We were hoping to see some much needed commercial units in our parish.

“We do not have the infrastructure for these additional houses.

“We do not have a doctors surgery, a dentist, the local employment, any junior schools or even a village food store.”

She added: “As for the roads, they are narrow and crowded. There is nowhere for cars to park off the road.

“Waste water removal is also a great concern. Many houses have a back up of sewage in the toilets on a regular basis.”

The houses will join the 86 dwellings at the residential development on land east of Kiln Drive.

Planning agent Mr Brown said that whilst there were parish objections to elements of the proposal, there were no technical objections to the homes.

However, councillors were also concerned about the lack of retails units at the site.

Cllr Plowman said: “We have to look at the whole of the community and how it works.

“This plan goes above and beyond the local plan, maybe a village shop should be explored as an idea.

“At the moment this particular site is over developed.”

Cllr Tussel agreed: “We should investigate the idea of retail. I think A coffee shop would be brilliant to bring the community together.

“If we refuse it we will be left with rubble but if we approve it there will be too many houses.”

Chichester District Council’s planning committee approved the application and the agent agreed to look into the development of a shop on site.

Chairman Cllr Hayes said: “I think a shop is desperately needed.”