Sign points to higher profile for Bersted

Brian Knight and parish clerk Fiona Dobbs with the new sign                C141070-1
Brian Knight and parish clerk Fiona Dobbs with the new sign C141070-1

A NEW sign should put Bersted Parish Council on the map.

The fingerpost has been installed opposite the entrance road to its offices and meeting rooms in Bersted Jubilee Hall.

The building did not have an official name until earlier this year.

But councillors agreed to its current title and have decided to point the way to more recognition with the 8ft-high sign.

Council chairman Brian Knight said: “As a parish council, we have not really promoted ourselves.

“We do what we have to do and that’s it. We are now trying to raise our profile.”

The sign is made from recycled plastic to look like oak and cost £240.

It has been installed on Chalcraft Lane at its junction with Central Avenue. The sign features the council’s crest to match the appearance of its parish noticeboards.

Parish council clerk Fiona Dobbs said: “We are always getting asked where we are.

“When people find us, they are always saying they didn’t know the hall was here even though they have lived in Bersted for many years.

“This sign really makes it much more obvious where the hall is.

“It’s a really good place for community events.”

The council, which was formed in 1894, has also placed more features around the hall to highlight its presence.

Next to the hall are the Jubilee playing fields.