Seafront in Bognor Regis ‘not attractive’

A LEISURE expert has branded Bognor Regis seafront a disgrace.

David Geddes, of consultants Colliers International, described the promenade as ‘shabby’.

“It is not what it should be. It could be so much better,” he said. “Arun District Council should see it as its top priority to do something about that in the relatively near future.

“Unfortunately, the seafront of Bognor is not attractive.

“There’s been no dispute for some time that Bognor seafront could do with some substantial investment. But nothing has happened because there’s not enough money and difficult choices have to be made.

His damning comments came at a meeting of Arun District Council’s leisure, tourism and infrastructure working group.

After the meeting, a council spokeswoman said: “Our coastline is one of our greatest assets as a district. But we know there is much we can do to improve it, not just for those who live here, but for those people who visit us every year as well.”

For the full story see the Bognor Regis Observer out now.